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Azure Web Development

Azure Web Development is a cloud based platform for hosting websites. Operated by Microsoft Services, Azure web development is a platform that works as a service where you are able to publish web apps running on several frameworks as we all as written in different programming languages.

Versatile Framework

Easiness and adaptable for web development

There are several programming languages to choose from. With Azure web development you can use the programming language you choose and create a reliable and scalable web. With the proper expertise, the team at CodeTactic is ready to create and implement your web.


Azure Web delopment process

Using Azure Web development from Microsoft Services increases productivity for your web, allows you to have a fully developed platform in less time with the ability to scale your instance.

Azure Website Development

Detailed development for bit success.

Using Azure web development can help you create the platform you are looking for, with the functionallities and features that you need to achieve your goals, reach new leads and interact better with your clients.

Developers using Azure Web Development

Custom made platforms for your business

Azure web development allows you to have the proper development process for you achieve the final goals for your business's platform.The team at CodeTactic have the team of experts in order to create and implement the platform you are looking for. Businesses' depend on a long term relationship when it comes to maintaining their online assets.

CodeTactic Media Inc.

We at CodeTactic, develop, maintain and support your platform. We have been working, using the latest technologies for over 20 years. If you consider your website as a critical part of your business and your livelihood, you should consider all available options. We at CodeTactic can help you along the decision process.

Simply Better Web Development.

In most cases our clients come to us with an existing platform that has either been hacked or requires further development. In our years of experience we understand Azure web development vulnerabilities and limitations and we let our clients know before jumping head first into the platform.

CodeTactic has the experience and expertise to help you stick-handle the decision for high quality website development. We will help you make this important decision and get your project completed on-time and on budget. CodeTactic eliminates the frustration by delivering state of the art security features, automatic plugin updates, as well as alternative CMS solutions to suite your requirements. CodeTactic Media is based in North America and does not outsource clients' work to any third parties. All customization and development are done by CodeTactic in-house.

Give our Vancouver based team a call at (604) 620-0046 or email us and receive a FREE CONSULTATION from one of our Wordpress and Custom CMS experts.
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